My name is Dennis Mejdal, I’m a graphic designer, a musician and a lover of music. Based out of Copenhagen, Denmark. I have designed posters and flyers for bands playing at the Danish music venue VEGA, where I have worked since the first iPod hit the stores - Google it, it’s been quite a while!



There are buildings that have special meaning to us, a perfect moment in the right place at the right time, that gave the few a moment that they’ll carry forever, and the rest of us something historic to marvel at. Unfortunately these places don't always get to survive time. By making these posters I hope to give these buildings a new life. To let them shine once again and honor them like they deserve!

History is often told with the bigger picture, but these places tell the small stories, the stories you might miss if you blink. So with a big love for music and its history, i have delved into places that fascinate me, to find the small tales and the big headlines. To see all the little things that have to fall into place in order for a place to make an impact on us.

It all started with my work, as graphic designer at copenhagen based music venue, VEGA. A beautiful, old union building turned into a concert venue, was the focus point for a series of posters I designed, that celebrated the buildings many architectural details and angels. It was a chance for the many guests of the house, to take home with them, a little piece of the venue, that gave them unique moments of their own!

So step inside and see the wonders of these music spaces, the life that passed through, the moments and legends they created and the meaning that they hold today - they may be gone, but they are not forgotten!

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Other works

Visit the VEGA webshop for some of my other poster work!

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